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New tax initiatives arouse fears in financial market

Uncertainty in securities market over effect of new regulations

Mohamed El-Bahrawi Mohamed El-Bahrawi

Egypt cellular carriers condemn new tax-per-minute proposition

By Hend El-Behary A wave of condemnation from Egypt’s main cellular carriers Mobinil,…

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Potential new tax on mobile phone calls

Mobile tax, a new burden on the average citizen!?

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Mass anti-austerity rallies in Spain, Portugal

"I see the future as very black", says a 55-year-old worker

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Real estate tax expected to raise EGP three billion

Half of real estate tax revenues will be directed to bridging the…

Islam Serour Islam Serour

Tax Authroity new head vowes to boost tax revenues

Egypt's Tax Authority (TA) hopes to increase tax revenues to EGP 230…

Islam Serour Islam Serour

Israelis protest rising living costs

Hundreds demonstrate in front of Netanyahu’s house, protesting economic policy and tax…

Hend Kortam Hend Kortam

US economic growth revised slightly higher for Q2

US Economy growing faster, yet remaining sluggish

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Debate over IMF loan persists

By Islam Serour Fears of negative consequences attached to the IMF loan…

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Israel to vote on sweeping austerity measures

(AFP) - Ministers in Israel’s cabinet were on Monday preparing to vote…

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