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Civil Service Law responds to public demands to end bureaucracy: Mehleb

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb has met representatives of protesting employees of the Customs and Tax Authorities to discuss their demands regarding the newly issued Civil Service Law. At least 2,000 state employees from the Customs and Tax Authorities held a demonstration against the law on 10 August in front of the Press Syndicate in Downtown …

Doaa Farid

The elimination of tax exemption is a ‘necessity’: Tax Authority head

Mostafa Abdel Qader, chairman of Egypt’s Tax Authority, requested that tax exemptions that Egypt has granted for decades be eliminated, stressing that Egypt has not reaped benefits from them and that they are a “type of intellectual colonisation”. “The imposition of taxes on dividends and capital gains represent a bigger step towards achieving greater justice,” …

Mohamed Ayyad

Tax Authroity new head vowes to boost tax revenues

Egypt’s Tax Authority (TA) hopes to increase tax revenues to EGP 230 billion, according to newly appointed chairman Mamdouh Omar. The TA plans to promote new leadership to ensure justice within the body, Omar told a meeting with heads of regional bureaus and managers of different departments on Monday. According to commentators, taxation in Egypt …

Islam Serour

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