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A woman wearing a burka walks through a bird market as she holds her child in downtown Kabul in May after Taliban rulers ordered all Afghan women to wear head-to-toe clothing in public. (AP Photo/Ebrahim Noroozi)

Afghanistan a year after the Taliban occupation: An ongoing war on human rights

The word “anniversary” usually brings about happy and memorable moments. But Aug. 15 marks one year since the Taliban takeover and occupation of Afghanistan, and it’s not a happy occasion for my homeland. Recently, the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) released a report entitled “Human Rights in Afghanistan,” delving into the situation in …

Daily News Egypt

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Opinion| Inauguration of Taliban

It is clear that the G7 summit, with the participation of Turkey and Qatar, was a prelude to the inauguration of the Taliban government internationally, and the beginning of dealing with it as a Sunni Islamist political entity based on the idea of jihad to run the country of Afghanistan with its geographical, political and …

Hatem Sadek


Opinion| Taliban gangs rule Afghanistan

The collapse of the Afghan government at the hands of the Taliban gangs leading to the fall of Kabul reminded me of the fall of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, at the hands of US forces nearly 20 years ago. Both events were broadcast exclusively by the Qatari Al-Jazeera TV network, with no mention about how …

Hatem Sadek


Afghans go to polls to elect country’s next president

The polling opened at 7:00 am. local time (0230 GMT) and will continue uninterrupted till 3:00 pm. local time (1030 GMT) in the country’s 34 provinces, according to Afghan Independent Election Commission (IEC) officials. The election time is likely to be extended.


Taliban militants in Afghanistan Daily News Egypt

Who is the new Taliban military chief?

The Taliban have appointed a new military chief as they seek to expand their control in Afghanistan. Will Mullah Ibrahim Sadar be different from his predecessors? DW asks Kabul-based expert Wahid Muzhdah.

Deutsche Welle

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Freed of Taliban, Kunduz starts tough road to recovery

As the battle for Kunduz city raged between Taliban militants and government forces, almost half of its residents were thought to have fled. Most have returned – to an unstable, uneasy existence, reports Catherine James. Returning to Kunduz city for Zalmai Nabizoda was more difficult than what most others faced because for him there was …

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