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Tahya Masr Multipurpose Terminal receives 500 containers, 3 ships in trial operation

Egypt’s Ministry of Transport said in a Saturday statement that the terminal

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Tahya Masr Fund conducts medical examination on 450,000 students 

Presidential initiative targets examining 900,000 students 

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6% response to Al-Sisi’s demand to donate to Tahya Masr: Baseera poll

About 1/5 of Egyptians have never heard of the initiative

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Different names, same purpose: The long history of patriotic donations

Egyptians have been asked to financially support the state for decades, from

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NUCA assigns new units to contractors for Tahya Masr housing project

The project, which will construct 200,000 units, will be finalised within a

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Tahya Masr Fund makes trucks available for the sale of discounted food commodities

The trucks will sell meats, chicken, fish, basic food commodities, vegetables, and

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Why does Al-Sisi not sacrifice?

  A year has passed and another year is starting with the

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Court to rule on Qatar ‘supporting terrorism’ on 29 March

Similar case filed against Turkey, to be looked into on 24 February

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Al-Sisi allocates EGP 500m from Tahya Masr Fund to develop Doweqa

Prime Minister calls on civil society organisations to participate with the government

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Coalition to Support Tahya Masr fund calls for closing cultural centres in Cairo, Alexandria

Coalition’s secretary general says in statement that Turkish cultural centres are a

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