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Egypt imposes 25% tariff on steel rebar, 16% on iron billets for three years

Since the beginning of this year, Egypt’s iron industry has been subjected to a legal battle started by integrated steel plants and hot rolled steel manufacturers after the Ministry of Trade and Industry issued a resolution in April, imposing a temporary import tariff of 15% on iron billets and 25% on steel rebar, set for 180 days ending in October.

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Egypt imposes temporary 15% import tariff on iron billets, 25% on steel rebar

Egypt’s Finance Ministry has imposed, on Monday, a temporary import tariff of 15% on iron billets and 25% on steel rebar, set for 180 days. The ministry announced that the tariff aims to protect Egypt’s domestic iron and steel industry against dumping, and unfair competition. Local steel manufacturers have been calling on the government to …

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Imposing new steel, cement fees will not affect real estate prices

The new health insurance law, due to go into effect after parliament approved it last week, is set to see new fees imposed on certain commodities to finance the program. The Health Affairs Committee of Parliament approved on Tuesday the draft of comprehensive health insurance law, in which it authorised the article on additional sources …

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South Africa proposes emergency steel tariffs

South Africa’s minister of trade has said he wants to see emergency safeguard tariffs in place by July. He said higher duties were urgently required to protect the domestic industry from foreign competitors.South Africa had no choice but to impose emergency safeguard tariffs on imports of certain flat hot-rolled steel products to protect local industry, …

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EU ups import tariffs on China steel

While China is trying to define its future trade relations with the US, it’s been delivered a broadside from the European Commission. Brussels announced it had raised duties on Chinese steel imports.The EU executive said Thursday it had set anti-dumping duties on imports of hot-rolled flat steel products from China at a higher rate than …

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Germany seeks EU help in steel row with the US

Germany has called on the European Commission to back its steelmakers by insisting on global trade rules in a dispute with US competitors over alleged German price dumping on the embattled US market.The US Department of Commerce has launched price dumping proceedings against foreign steel firms, including two German producers, suspecting they may be selling …

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China vows to curb overcapacity in steel

China’s Premier Li Keqiang has told EU officials that his country is committed to market reforms and will stay determined to tackle a steel capacity glut that has sharpened tensions between China and the EU.

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