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ماكينة صرف الخبز

Egypt’s social spending strives to curb negative effects of reforms

Subsidies FY 2015/16 (billions of EGP) FY 2016/17 (billions of EGP) FY 2017/18 (billions of EGP) FY 2018/19 (billions of EGP) Food commodity subsidies 42.7 47.5 82.2 86.2 Cash subsidies (Social solidarity pensions and Takaful and Karama programmes) 8.8 12.9 17.5 17.5 Number of beneficiaries 0.7 1.7 2.85 3.2 Sources: Ministry of Finance and Ministry …

Mohamed Samir

Art in the 80s: How the wild decade looks on canvas

The 1980s were a wild, unruly decade. The Städel Museum in Frankfurt looks at the untamed period through the eyes of artists. Electronic music with nonsense lyrics resounds from the radios. On stages in dark cellars musicians hammer on oil canisters with iron bars. Young people shave their heads, wear clothes torn to shreds while …

Deutsche Welle

6 2 Farid Zahran1

Can the security strategy performance for confronting extremism be improved?

The higher strata of the middle class, with society’s higher authority, insist on supporting the security strategy for confronting terrorism and extremism. On the one hand, they fear that using any other strategy may detract from the luxury they enjoy. On the other hand, they do not feel any direct harm from the security’s subjugation …

Farid Zahran