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Egypt’s net foreign reserves break $45bn, the highest level ever 

We need to study the reasons for the high BOP deficit, especially…

Hossam Mounir Hossam Mounir

Foreign reserves hit record high of $38.21bn at end-January 2018

Volume of foreign currency liquidity up $1.036bn, gold up $135m, says CBE

Hossam Mounir Hossam Mounir

Foreign exchange reserves up by $392m at end of September

Volume of foreign currency liquidity up by $365m, gold up by $30m:…

Hossam Mounir Hossam Mounir

Egypt foreign exchange reserves increase by $107m in August 

Foreign exchange reserves increased to $36.14bn at the end of August compared…

Mohamed Ayyad Mohamed Ayyad

Foreign exchange reserves increase by $4bn to reach $23bn as of end of November

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) announced that its foreign exchange reserves…

Hossam Mounir Hossam Mounir

Prime Minister urges providing enough strategic commodity reserves for 6 months

Keeping prices unchanged is a strategic and national goal, says Ismail

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

$26m increase in CBE’s foreign exchange reserves in June

The value of gold included in the reserves increased to $2.602bn in…

Hossam Mounir Hossam Mounir

CBE to reveal its foreign exchange reserves this week

Debt repayment to Qatar and Paris Club countries is likely to impact…

Hossam Mounir Hossam Mounir

Foreign aid, loans kept foreign exchange reserves cohesive under Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Sisi

The Egyptian pound lost 16% of its value against the US dollar…

Hossam Mounir Hossam Mounir