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Egypt’s ambassador to UN rejects comments over verdicts of Rabaa dispersal

The ambassador’s statements came during a general discussion in the 39th session…

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Rabaa dispersal case sees first verdict since five years

75 defendants handed death sentences, 47 sentenced to life imprisonment, journalist Shawkan…

Adham Youssef Adham Youssef

Court adjourns trial of 738 in ‘Rabaa dispersal’ case to 4 July

Defendants include the MB’s supreme guide Mohamed Badie

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Trial of Shawkan, 738 other defendants adjourned to 17 January

In honour of Shawkan, the second round of the “Shawkan Photo Awards”…

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Shawkan allegedly transferred to different prison inside Tora complex

His brother will visit Tora on Monday after failing to visit him…

Amira El-Fekki Amira El-Fekki

The Rabaa dispersal: a distorted dilemma?

Three years ago, on 14 August, the last thing anyone expected to…

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Photojournalist Shawkan’s trial adjourned to 21 May

The trial is postponed for court to examine additional evidence in the…

Toqa Ezzidin Toqa Ezzidin

Shawkan’s trial postponed to 17 May

The trial was postponed for the court to consider additional evidence in…

Toqa Ezzidin Toqa Ezzidin

Court refuses to receive Shawkan’s release demand

No confirmation on whether detained photojournalist is defendant in case, says lawyer

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Possible rise in metro ticket price sparks controversy

Campaign warns of “uprising of the poor” to protest the price hike

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