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World-class public transportation comes to Cairo

We run fixed routes in Cairo to link together the most in-demand…

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Advanced infrastructure, public transportation among required specifications for tech complexes

Technological complexes should be limited to communications and IT companies,  says Linatel-Egypt…

Mohamed Alaa El-Din Mohamed Alaa El-Din

UAE to supply Cairo transport authority with 600 new buses

President of the authority indicates that the remainder of the authority's needs…

Menna Samir Menna Samir

Cairo Nile Shuttle contracts fibreglass company to manufacture Nile taxis

The River Transport Authority is considering the possibility of issuing an experimental…

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Three presidential decrees enacted

Mansour amends articles related to traffic law, prison lands and voters abroad

Mostafa Salem Mostafa Salem

Custom fees on European cars will be reduced to zero by 2019

An Egyptian-European convention permits reducing custom fees: Abdel Nour

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Brazil awakens in search of its rights

Much like Turkey's recent protests, Brazil's tariff hike is only poking at…

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Plans to convert Public Transportation Authority into holding company

Five new companies to restructure Transport Authority and increase revenues

Liliana Mihaila Liliana Mihaila