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Imams should at least abide by unified sermon topic: Endowments Ministry

The step indicates retreat after the ministry earlier obliged all scholars to

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Endowments ministry amends upcoming Friday prayer speech

The speech will be unified across the country’s registered mosques

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Integrating prayers in psychological practices improves well-being: Study

Research emphasises improved sense of psychological well-being after prayer

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Legal steps pave the way to restricting airing of religious sermons

Moves made to restrict and unify content of Friday sermons and syllabus

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Muslim Brotherhood mufti trapped in mosque

People surrounded a mosque after sermon given by Muslim Brotherhood Mufti.

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Pope Tawadros II prays for Egypt

The Coptic pope thanks Morsy and prays for his safety and guidance

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Praying at gunpoint

By Mohammed Aly Ibrahim The fear of Friday 13th in western superstition

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