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Les Chansons d’Amour: passion in Paris’ streets

The French Institute screens a movie that explores love in all its…

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France holds man for ‘religiously motivated’ soldier stabbing

The stabbing echoed the grisly killing of a British soldier in London…

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Egyptians protest arson in Paris

Demonstrations break out in front of the Egyptian consulate in France, demanding…

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Algerian president in Paris hospital after stroke

Bouteflika was in a Paris hospital for examinations

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Foreign Minister meets French President

Mohamed Kamel Amr talks to French President Françoise Hollande about the upcoming…

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Topless protests against Islamism staged across Europe

Protests were held in several capitals, of which are Berlin, Kiev, Paris…

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Paris confirms death of African Al-Qaeda leader Abou Zeid

Hollande "confirms Abdelhamid Abou Zeid's death with certainty during fighting led by…

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French police raid IMF chief’s Paris home

The judges agreed to award Tapie 285 million euros (400 million euros…

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6 April Movement protest in Paris

Protest in Paris raises awareness internationally as the beginning of an escalation…

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Expats can vote until Monday night

Referendum extended for expats amid claims of voting irregularities

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