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New wave of Islamophobia in wake of Paris attacks

Racial attack on Muslims and Mosques increase in Europe, Al-Azhar condemns these

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French authorities conduct 128 raids Monday evening

France and the US to increase efforts against “Islamic State” militant organisation

Ahmed Abbas Ahmed Abbas

US states close door on Syrian refugees in wake of Paris attacks

Governors across the US have defied the president and said they will

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Poland turns against immigration after Paris attacks

As Poland's new conservative, euroskeptic government takes office, analysts wonder what course

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DFB to enhance security for Euro 2016 after Paris attacks

The DFB is planning a review of its security for next summer's

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1 Egyptian killed in Paris attacks

The embassy verified the identity of Salah El-Gebaly, who was killed in

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Egyptian passport found in Paris belongs to victim

Waleed Abdel Razik travelled to Paris with his brother, a cancer patient,

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Egypt’s leadership supports France, factions on the defensive

Compassion, cynicism, praising Islam encompass local reactions to Paris attacks

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Cultural life in Paris grinds to a halt after attacks

Following Friday's attacks, Paris is in a state of emergency, also in

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