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Building the Arab knowledge economy

By Omar Khedr Beginning on 28 January, Cairo will play host to publishers, authors, literary agents, as well as avid readers from around the world. Brought together by the Cairo International Book Fair, the oldest and largest book fair in the Arab World, these participants will explore potential partnerships, learn best practices from each other, …

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Promoting Transparency: Unleashing growth across the board

By Omar Khedr There appears to be no limit to the possibilities that come from combining the internet, social media, and ground-breaking innovations to achieve significant changes across the globe. It is a movement that is restructuring government institutions, revolutionising how news is delivered, and forging entire new commercial industries. Eager to capitalise on this …

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Tourism insights from around the world

By Omar Khedr Changing perceptions and successfully rebounding an entire industry is generally a herculean challenge.  Representing approximately 6.5% of Egypt’s total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as well as being an important source of foreign exchange, Egypt’s travel and tourism industry forms a vital bedrock of her economy. The industry benefits from several competitive advantages. …

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Migrants: A treasure for Egypt

By Omar Khedr For its 2014 forecasts, the World Bank predicts that Egypt’s economy will grow by 2.4% followed by a further 2.9% expansion in 2015. Endowed with a young population, Egypt has a strong potential to kickstart its economic development programme. In fact, Goldman Sachs – one of the largest investment banks in the …

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