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Libya intervention interrogated

By Asli Bali The Libya intervention is important for three reasons. First and foremost, its potential consequences for the people of Libya give urgency to the current stalemate. Second, the intervention may have profound implications for the “Arab Spring” in the rest of the region. Finally, the intervention is important because of the precedent that has …


NATO investigating Tripoli claim of civilian deaths

BRUSSELS: NATO is investigating Libyan claims that five civilians, two of them of toddlers, were killed in an alliance air raid Sunday, a NATO official told AFP. "We’re aware of the claim made by the Libyan regime and we’re looking into it," the official said. In Tripoli, government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim accused the Western alliance …


NATO blasts shake Tripoli as Hague meets rebels

BENGHAZI: NATO pounded Tripoli on Sunday hours after Britain’s top diplomat met rebel chiefs in Libya and Russia voiced concerns the alliance’s military operation is sliding towards a land campaign. Warplanes launched intensive air raids on the Libyan capital and its eastern suburbs, where several explosions were heard, as NATO kept up its pressure on …


World intervenes in Libya, with unusual speed

By Angela Charlton / AP PARIS: In diplomatic terms, international military action against Libya’s leader went from the brainstorming stage to the shooting-at-tanks stage with stunning speed. Saturday’s launch of military strikes by French, British and US forces with Arab backing and UN mandate was not universally endorsed. And it’s unclear whether it will be fast …


OIC against military intervention in Libya

By AFP GENEVA: The Organization of the Islamic Conference said Tuesday that it was against any military intervention in Libya, while the United States and Europe weighed up the idea of a no-fly zone over the country. “Allow me to underline our position against any possible military intervention on the situation in Libya,” OIC Secretary …


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