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‘Golden boy’ mummy protected by 49 precious amulets

The ancient Egyptians thought there was an afterlife, but admission was not

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Egyptologists digitally ‘unwrap’ mummy of king Amenhotep I

Priests of 21st dynasty restored, reburied royal mummies from earlier dynasties

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Is Nefertiti long-looked-for mysterious mummy buried next to Tut?

Nicholas Reeves, a specialist in Egyptian history was the first to suspect

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The transfer of Tutankhamun’s mummy to GEM on hold until Egyptologists approval

Waziri said that the final decision is to be taken in a

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Ministry of Antiquities to investigate video of Algerian fan ‘spiting’ on Egyptian Museum mummy

Video circulated showing Algerian fan spitting on Seqenenre Tao mummy

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New mummy discovered in Aswan

The discovering mission also found near the mummy a pottery coffin with

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Australia: Mummy found in ’empty’ Egyptian coffin

The elegantly carved 2,500-year-old coffin was thought to be empty and never

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German museum presents face of Egyptian mummy

Does he look familiar? The reconstructed face of a 4,000-year-old Egyptian mummy

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New mummies discovered floating in sewage in Upper Egypt

The mummies were covered with thick layers of linen, with only a

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Controversy surrounds excavation of million mummy tomb

The contradiction occurred when the facts of the American team opposed the

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