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Another 300 Muslim Brotherhood figures referred to military courts

Number of civilians referred to military courts increases amid concerns from political

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Brotherhood denies prosecution’s claims of attempts to ‘overthrow Egyptian state’

Prosecution accused Brotherhood of affiliation with foreign organisations and allowing "jihadists and

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Badie handed 3 year-sentence for insulting judiciary

“Prison Break” trial was further postponed to 20 December

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Request for Soltan’s release on medical grounds ‘ignored by judge’: El-Nadeem

Egyptian-American activist entering 285th day of hunger strike

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Morsi Presidential Palace trial postponed to Wednesday

State institutions did not support president during his reign, says defense lawyer

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‘Prison break’ trial postponed again

Morsi criticises court as “lacking jurisdiction”

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Badie, 104 Brotherhood members referred to court for violence

Thirty out of the 105 are still at large to be remanded

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Former MP sentenced to prison

FJP’s Farid Ismail to serve seven years for inciting violence

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Hunger-striking detainee suffers pulmonary embolism: Forensic report

Mohamed Soltan, on hunger strike for over 160 days, to receive medical

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‘Presidential Palace’ trial postponed

Next hearing will take place on Monday

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