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Initial agreement with Gazprom for 35 LNG shipments: Petroleum minister

Delegation from Sonatrach will visit Egypt at the end of January to…

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Transport ministry, Suez Canal Authority reject Port Said pier allocation to import gas: Petroleum ministry

Ain Sokhna port to accommodate two ships, as Port Said is not…

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Idku plant LNG exportation collapses 2014: BG official

Decrease gas production and domestic market needs cause sharp exportation decline

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EGPC will bear LNG import expenses through June: El Molla

The Ministry of Petroleum faced a financing crisis for LNG shipments for…

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No agreement reached for LNG arrivals by end of 2014

Government delayed signing with Hog Energi, led to lack of supply during…

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Government jeopardising EGPC finances: Petroleum ministry source

Ministry of Finance refusing to provide the liquidity necessary to import liquefied…

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Ministry of Finance refuses to finance import of liquefied gas

By Ahmed Tolba A meeting will be held in the coming days…

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Gas imports from Israel to save Egypt $10 per million BTUs

LNG will not be sufficient to meet actual needs of all sectors:…

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Delay in imports of gas for electricity threatens the industrial sector in Egypt

EGAS stopped pumping gas to MOPCO, EFC, and EBIC factories; reduction of…

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Petroleum ministry proposes petrochemical projects worth $540m to UAE

Egypt has proposed three petrochemical projects to the UAE for a total…

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