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JTI accuses Eastern Company of monopoly in cigarette market

DNE has learned that Japan Tobacco International (JTI) has filed a complaint

Fatma Salah Fatma Salah

Philip Morris, JTI compete to buy stake in Eastern Company

There is competitive offer from Arab Gulf country to seize stake in

Fatma Salah Fatma Salah

JTI considers launching new product in Egyptian market before end of 2018

7% company’s market share in 2017 with a total of 1bn cigarettes

Ahmed Farahat Ahmed Farahat

JTI expands business, investments in Egyptian market

Company launches new brand as part of long-term business strategy for Egypt

Elsayed Solyman Elsayed Solyman

JTI to continue supplying market with no increase in prices

Khaled Ismail, the director of external relations at Japan Tobacco International (JTI),

Ahmed Farahat Ahmed Farahat

JTI asks to expand tax segments, instead of overall increase

Bulk of production inputs are imported from abroad: Ismail

Ahmed Farahat Ahmed Farahat