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Egypt expects resumption of peace talks with new Israeli government

Egypt expects any newly formed Israeli government to engage directly in a political process that leads to the resumption of negotiations between the Palestinian and Israeli authorities, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Wednesday. The ministry added in a statement that any Israeli government should act according to the internationally agreed on peace process and to the Arab peace initiative. This is in …

Aya Nader

Quartet to meet in effort to revive Mideast talks

BRUSSELS: Mideast negotiators will meet Sunday in Brussels as part of a wider effort to restart the moribund Israeli-Palestinian peace process, the European Union said Friday. "The purpose is to review progress and keep up the momentum, with the overall objective of encouraging the parties to return to negotiations," EU spokesman Michael Mann said. The …


Egypt supports Palestinian conditions for peace talks

CAIRO: Egypt’s foreign minister Mohammed Amr said on Sunday that his country supported Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas’s bid to join peace talks with Israel once there is a settlement freeze. "Egypt supports the Palestinian president’s commitment to the resumption of negotiations based on clear parameters and the halting of Israeli settlements," Amr said in a …


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