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President Al-Sisi receives credentials of 13 new ambassadors to Egypt

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi received the credentials of several ambassadors accredited…

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Megalith tombs reveal secrets of European stone age

Researchers found kin relationships among individuals buried in tombs in different countries

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Shoukry, Coveney discuss bilateral cooperation between Egypt, Ireland

Ministers discussed first Arab-EU summit which will be hosted in Sharm El-Sheikh…

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Past haunts Northern Ireland 20 years after the 'troubles'

The Good Friday Agreement brought an end to Northern Ireland's "troubles." But…

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Egypt imports cattle from Ireland after 20-year hiatus

In 2016, an agreement was reached between Irish and Egyptian authorities to…

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Irish TDs to visit Ibrahim Halawa in his detention centre 

There were several requests from the Irish and European parliaments to immediately…

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Egyptian-Irish detainee writes letter detailing torture, oppression in Egypt’s prisons

Halawa is standing trial with 493 other defendants; he is expected to…

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Al-Sisi reportedly rejects appeal request to release Egyptian-Irish detainee Ibrahim Halawa

Halawa previously sent a letter from prison saying that he is being…

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Apple tax raises existential questions for Ireland

Nobody likes to have their summer holidays cut short. But that’s what…

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Ireland to appeal Apple tax bill

Ireland will fight an EU ruling that Apple must pay up to…

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