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Egypt’s cabinet approves rehabilitation centre for immigrants agreement with Germany

Cabinet accepted legalising 90 churches and affiliated service buildings nationwide

Bassant Mohammed Bassant Mohammed

Egypt’s UN delegate condemns racial rhetoric in Europe against immigrants

Delegate demanded UK conduct immediate investigation into death of Mariam Moustafa

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138 immigrants detained before crossing to Libya: police

The group included 16 Sudanese and 1 Syrian, while 29 were from

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Donald Trump v the arts

Among the victims of president Donald Trump’s ban on refugees and immigrants

Cesar Chelala Cesar Chelala

In interview following victory, Trump promises deportation of 3 million immigrants

Speaking about recent protests in the US following his election win, Trump

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5 Italian thugs assault 4 Egyptians in Sicily

The Egyptians live in an Italian city full of illegal immigrants; motives

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Egypt consults with Greece, Libya over rescue operation in the Mediterranean

Approximately 340 migrants were rescued on Friday and nine bodies were found,

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12 underground tunnels destroyed in North Sinai: Military spokesman

946 illegal immigrants captured in western and northern military regions

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71 Egyptians arrested attempting to cross Salloum border

Hundreds of other Egyptians have already been arrested this month

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Rate of Egyptians leaving country increases 17% in 2014

“I left Egypt because I realised that I couldn't find a decent

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