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Doctor who took selfie in surgery suspended, referred to investigations

The photo surfaced on social media leaving many users outraged at the

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WHO recognises Egypt’s efforts in combating Hepatitis C

Infections rate still high and official documentation needed, says researcher

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Cabinet ‘finally’ considers raising infections compensation for doctors

While the Doctors Syndicate welcomes the decision, it will not withdraw its

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Health Minister denounces infections prevention system

The cabinet, however, did not yet increase infections allowance despite court verdict

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Sohag officials visit public hospital following doctor assault

Doctors Syndicate blames parliament, cabinet for contributing to increased assaults on doctors

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135 doctors referred to investigations over past month for absence during work

86 doctors were absent during work on the Eid Al-Fitr holiday, says

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Doctors Syndicate to take legal action if infections compensation increase is not implemented

A month after its ratification, the cabinet did not yet implement the

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Health Ministry postpones presenting integrative hospitals development plan to the parliament to 17 July

Calls upon the government to privatise management only in exchange for 49%

Health Ministry previews sector development plans amid concerns

This comes a few weeks after the Administrative Prosecution called on the

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