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Health ministry, Al-Azhar combine forces to combat Hepatitis C

Approximately 15 million Egyptians have been diagnosed with the disease

Menan Khater Menan Khater

Al-Sisi announces ambitious plans for hepatitis-C, sanitation

The President joined a Ramadan Iftar event held by the Long Live…

Yousef Saba Yousef Saba

Lawsuit targets army officials claiming HIV, Hepatitis C cure

Poor and helpless patients put high hopes on ‘army scam invention’, says…

Amira El-Fekki Amira El-Fekki

Egypt closes deal with Gilead Sciences for Hepatitis C drug at 99% discount

Around 170,000 doses of Hepatitis C medicine will be available for Egyptian…

Sara Aggour Sara Aggour

Why the AIDS cure matters

By Wael Eskandar The military has sent mixed messages about its miracle…

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

Gilead offers Egypt new hepatitis C drug at 99% discount

While the drug will still cost $900 for a 12-week course of…

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

EIPR issues statement calling for increased access to Hepatitis C drugs

Around 12 million or 14% of Egyptians infected with disease

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

New Hepatitis C cure: Should Egyptians breathe a sigh of relief just yet?

Egyptian scientist Tarek Hassanein has been working on the development of one…

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Liver transplants: Driven by desperation

In Egypt, the chronic liver disease Hepatitis C is a major concern…

Ethar Shalaby Ethar Shalaby

Egyptians design ‘faster, cheaper’ hepatitis C test

By AFP CAIRO: The American University in Cairo said Wednesday that a…