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‘The door remains open’ for Libyan negotiations: UN envoy Leon

Libyan peace agreement was not signed by GNC to date, still hailed…

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Libya peace talks bound to fail: Analyst

Geneva talks between opposing Libyan political factions set to take place this…

Jihad Abaza Jihad Abaza

Libyan FM expresses thanks for Egyptian support

Egypt, Libya foreign ministers look to upcoming neighbours of Libya meeting

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Egypt calls for ‘return of the Libyan capital’

Libyan government orders military to retake Tripoli, calls for civil disobedience in…

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Libya’s neighbours push for political process as crisis deepens

Islamist dominated GNC appoint rival PM as international community calls for calm

Joel Gulhane Joel Gulhane

Fahmy discusses Libyan situation on ‘sidelines’ of Non-Aligned Movement conference

Egyptian FM expresses “deep concern” over increasing violence and extremism

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