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$222m increase in Egypt’s FX reserves during November 2021: CBE

Gold reserves also grow by $5m, while SDRs decline $197m

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Strong FX reserves, structural reforms support Egypt against external shocks: CBE

Aboul Naga’s comments came during the opening session of the Payment, FinTech,…

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Central banks lose over $175bn of FX reserves due to COVID-19

Egypt’s banking sector has survived decline in foreign investments, reflecting economic stability

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Gold value in FX reserves up $153m in December 

This reserve level is the highest ever in the history of Egypt,…

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Gold value listed in FX reserves growth curbs reserves decline in December 2018

FX reserves gold value increased by $104m, foreign currencies down by $2.068bn

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FX Reserves to external debt highest in 6 years: CBE

An additional $12.7m new increase in FX reserves, reaching $44.513bn by the…

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Highest level of FX reserves in history reached by end of October

CBE: $86m increase in value of gold, foreign currencies balance down by…

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CBE’s renewal of repurchase agreement with international banks to provide some support for FX reserves: Beltone

Company expects local currency will stabilise against dollar for rest of 2018,…

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Non-intervention in exchange market contributed to maintaining FX Reserves: CBE

Interest rate cut on pound supported rise in real asset prices on…

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