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Fintech law to expand customer base of non-banking activities: FRA

The law facilitates access to the largest possible base of customers wishing to benefit from non-banking financial activities, raises their efficiency, and reduces costs. This creates a qualitative leap by providing a license for the practice of four electronic applications, specifically, electronic applications for financial adviser programmes that analyse clients’ data, their current financial status, and future financial goals to provide them with technical advice.

Daily News Egypt

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DisrupTech fintech fund chips in $120m investment in MNT Halan platform

MNT Halan, a platform specialized in providing integrated financial services, announced receiving an investment from private funds worth $120m. The new funding round was led by major international and regional investors including Apis Growth Fund II, Development Partners International (DPI), and Lorax Capital Partners. The round also included Middle East Venture Partners; Endeavor Catalyst and …

Daily News Egypt