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US drone strike victims’ family demand justice, compensation

“US confession of the deadly attack on civilians in my house virtually demonstrates its arrogance in targeting innocent civilians. Killing civilians is a blatant crime and the perpetrators must be brought to justice,” Emal Ahmadi, brother of late Zamarai Ahmadi, told Xinhua. Zamarai, along with nine members of his family, including seven children aged 2-15 …


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The 1952 family and conspiracy theory (2-3)

I am wondering how the conspiracy theory is used against Egypt? In other words: why do some sides promote this theory? And against whom? We tried in the previous article to highlight one of the reasons of the use of conspiracy theories to justify the criticism against authorities in Egypt due to human rights violations. …

Farid Zahran

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The 1952 family and conspiracy theory (1-3)

The talk about conspiracy is not new. For decades, all the rulers of the 1952 school of thinking talked about conspiracy. Sometimes it was an imperial plot, sometimes it was a communist one. The funny thing about conspiracies is that supporters of the regime believe that conspiracies have expanded over the past years to include …

Farid Zahran

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Find good free stuff online

It’s gift-giving season. Wondering what to get for your family, your friends, or your inner child? You’re in luck. Just send them a link to this article and they’ll be set up with loads of free stuff – indefinitely.

Deutsche Welle

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How does Sisi control the reins?

Within the “1952” – or “army” – family, power is transferred from president to president when the regime arrives at a crisis. For this reason, a new president must confront the causes that led to the crisis without sacrificing the constants of the regime. In other words, the new president must be seen to redraw …

Farid Zahran

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On the social stigma of divorce

The Central Agency for Public Mobilisation and Statistics (CAPMAS) issued a report on 19 May that revealed the number of formal divorce cases from 2011 to 2012 had risen from 151,900 to 155,300 cases. Despite its increasing prevalence, divorce still evokes social stigma for women that differs depending on their socio-economic level. This stigma is said to be shifting in certain classes. Women shared their stories with Daily News Egypt on how the stigma of their divorce has affected their lives.

Sarah El Masry