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News of Egypt’s ambassador to Germany embezzling is false: Foreign Affairs Ministry 

Local media had earlier reported that the ambassador was accused of embezzling…

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Mubarak-era minister Habib El-Adly escapes: Ministry of Interior

Cairo Criminal Court rejected on Monday an appeal filed by El-Adly on the adjudication

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Silo owners released in wheat corruption scandal

Parliament ceases investigations following supply minister’s resignation

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Press Syndicate reveals individuals accused of corruption

The head of the syndicate’s finance department is accused of embezzling EGP…

Dina Amr Dina Amr

Cairo court adjourns retrial of Mubarak-era interior minister

Habib El-Adly, along with 12 ministry officials, is charged with illegally seizing…

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Mubarak-era minister faces more illicit gains charges

Illicit Gains Authority referred Zoheir Garana and family to criminal court

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Corruption reports continue despite Al-Sisi’s assertions of combating graft

Transparency organisation counted 101 cases of corruption in state ministries in May…

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CAO not entitled to reopen ‘Presidential Palaces’ embezzlement case: Official

Since the case was adjudicated in court, the agency is not entitled…

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Court of Cassation hands Mubarak, sons 3-year prison sentences

Former president has already served his time in prison

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Court adjourns Presidential Palace case retrial to 29 April

Next session will feature prosecution and defence arguments

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