Press Syndicate reveals individuals accused of corruption

Dina Amr
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The Press Syndicate finalised a report in which the head of the finance department was accused of embezzling EGP 260,000. This report will be presented to the prosecutor general.

The Press Syndicate Council secretary general, Gamal Abdel Reheem, said in an official statement that the syndicate has filed a report, on behalf of syndicate head Yahia Qalash, against the head of the finance department and another two journalists accusing them of embezzlement.

Abdel Reheem explained that the head of the finance department made a detailed confession about the current embezzlement incident during a meeting with the investigation committee assigned to the case.

The Press Syndicate’s General Council reviewed detailed reports presented by the accounting secretary, Mohamed Shabana, and head of the medical insurance initiative, Osama Daoud. This review included the methods behind filling any administrative or financial gaps, which were exploited by those involved in seizing the syndicate’s funds illegally.

The embezzlement allegations were filed against the syndicate by member of parliament Moustafa Bakry.

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