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Decrease in dollar exchange rate would reduce planned increases in electricity prices: Shaker

When Siemens, solar energy plants enter service, tariff would improve

Mohamed Farag Mohamed Farag

Production costs to rise with new electricity prices, consumers to bear the burden: investors

The electricity price increase announced by Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy…

Hisham Salah Hisham Salah

Cabinet increases electricity prices for factories by 23%

Cabinet to lift the electricity subsidy gradually on high-consumption segments until 2019,…

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Rise in electricity prices not related to IMF loan: Shaker

Electricity budget is marked at EGP 52bn for the fiscal year 2016/2017,…

Mohamed Farag Mohamed Farag

Slight increase in electricity prices, cabinet to approve decision in days: Mohamed Shaker

The modification to the exchange rate is the main reason for the…

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