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National dialogue headed by former vice president

Fifth national dialogue session discusses parliamentary elections law and constitutional amendments, marked…

Liliana Mihaila Liliana Mihaila

FJP launches referendum campaign

Website encourages people to vote ‘yes’

Liliana Mihaila Liliana Mihaila

Freedom of religion in doubt

Concerns for minority religious groups after contentious article is included in proposed…

Laurence Underhill Laurence Underhill

Constitution draft passed

Controversial draft will be put to public referendum

Laurence Underhill Laurence Underhill

ElBaradei: constitution will go into the “dustbin of history”

Al-Dostour Party leader criticises Morsy’s declaration and constituent assembly

Laurence Underhill Laurence Underhill

Hundreds of Islamists take to Tahrir

Protesters calling for implementation of Islamic Law through the constitution

Ahmed Aboulenein Ahmed Aboulenein

Morsy to complete his presidency after new constitution

Constituent Assembly committee keeps Morsy and Shura Council, cancels vice president position

Ahmed Aboulenein Ahmed Aboulenein

Copts demonstrate against Constituent Assembly

Protests seek to pressure religious leaders to leave the committee

Connor Molloy Connor Molloy

Rewrite Egypt constitution from scratch, say critics

By Yasmine Saleh / Reuters CAIRO: Army-appointed legal experts met to discuss changes…