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JICA resumes baseball equipment donation campaign in Egypt

Yomiuri Shimbun, a Japanese newspaper that owns a professional baseball club, cooperated…

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Egypt’s donation of medical supplies reflects African solidarity: Angola Ambassador 

Egypt’s donation, which arrived in Angola on Friday, will add to the…

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Ramadan ads: repetitive ideas with vague messages

Celebrities dominate ads’ arena, donation campaigns reformat heartfelt themes 

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Bee launches donation services for Misr El Kheir

Sacrifice cheques activated through Bee Mobile: Abu Khadra

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€22m grant agreement from EU to agricultural SMEs

The project is expected to benefit more than 400 agricultural SMEs and…

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Holy month unleashes hail of donation campaigns

Commercials playing on smart metaphors, interactivity and abused children

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Islamic monuments in Khalifa region restored through donations

AtharLina initiative works on conservation of Shajar Al-Durr Dome, Mashhad El-Sayeda Roqia,…

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Blood donation should be major concern in current Arab turmoil: Arab League Deputy Sec-Gen

On the 12th World Blood Donation Day, Egypt’s supply for blood bags…

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1 hour to empower women working online

Entrepreneur launches campaign to record online tutorials in Arabic, which will be…

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Political movements call for opening Rafah border crossing ‘indefinitely’

Movements collect donations for Gazans; plan aid envoy scheduled to take off…

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