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Gold dealers price dollars lower than parallel market

Market transparency requires revealing supply, demand data

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Government provides dollars to clear production inputs for basic goods from ports

Daily News Egypt has learned from informed sources that the government has

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Suez Cement invests millions of dollars in environmental sustainability efforts

In light of World Environment Day, Suez Cement Group of Companies (SCGC),

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Central Bank of Egypt receives 24 bids worth $540.6m for T-bills in US dollars

Proceeds of this tender will be used to pay for previous tender

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Will Turks heed Erdogan’s calls to sell dollars and buy liras?

Turkish leader Erdogan has recently called on his compatriots to convert their

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Egyptians invest their dollars into real estate, pushing prices up 40% since flotation

Demand keeps growing despite unjustified price hikes, says head of Building Materials

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Green Valley demands EgyptAir collect fees in pounds rather than dollars

Green Valley Company for import and export aims to increase its exports

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Market sees high sales volume of dollars, new saving certificates at banks in 2nd week since flotation

The amount of dollars Banque du Caire received in one day is

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Large portion of dollars in banks since Monday come from customers switching saving schemes to Egyptian pounds: prominent banker

High expectations that foreign currency deposits will decrease while Egyptian pound deposits

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Chinese finance institutions immerse into Egypt’s economy, pump dollars into market

86 Chinese companies have invested more than $1.1bn in the Suez Canal

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