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Dar Al-Ifta issues new edition of Insight magazine, discussing Muslim women issues

The edition also seeks to highlight women's rights in society, giving readers…

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Dar Al-Ifta rejects proposed ‘trial marriage’, calling it invalid

Lawyer Ahmed Mahran recently sparked controversy after posting photos of proposed trial…

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Al-Azhar praises withdrawal of Egypt Dar Al-Ifta’s controversial draft law

Parliament Speaker referred draft law to religious affairs committee for study

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Dar Al-Ifta condemns Dutch Prophet Mohammad cartoon competition

The observatory considered this move provocative for the Muslims’ feelings, fuelling hatred…

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Egypt introduces ‘Mawadda’ initiative to fight high divorce rates

Initiative expected to start with trial phase in Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said…

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Niqab Ban: impartial demand for national security or discriminatory act?

Whoever opposes ban, will pay fine not less than EGP1,000, could increase…

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Al-Azhar, Dar Al-Ifta reject Sibsi decision to achieve gender equality in inheritance

"The subject of equality in inheritance is settled and must become law”

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Dar Al-Ifta: IS using Rohingya crisis to gain new ground

Dar Al-Ifta, the highest religious institution in the country, warned that the…

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Arab league, Dar Al-Ifta call for international reaction to Israeli violations against Palestinian prisoners

Starting Monday, around 1,300 Palestinian prisoners went on a hunger strike to…

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Dar Al-Ifta condemns attack on Muslim police officer in New York

Dar Al-Ifta's Islamophobia Observatory firmly urged preventing the rise in hate crimes in the…

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