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Late Dynasty tombs unearthed in Dahshur 

Announcement came at celebration of restoring Bent Pyramid

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Antiquities ministry forms National Committee on heritage sites

The committee plans on meeting monthly to improve conditions of existing World…

Luiz Sanchez Luiz Sanchez

Antiquities minister: UNESCO threatens to declassify heritage sites

Egypt’s poor management of its ancient monuments draws threat from the United…

Luiz Sanchez Luiz Sanchez

Archaeologists hold protest in Dahshur

Archaeologists: illegal encroachment of the local cemetery on Dahshur’s ancient burial sites…

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Security forces to aid return to Dahshur

Security forces would pave the way for Dahshur Christians to return to…

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Coptic leaders criticise new cabinet

“This cabinet is unjust for Copts" said Bishop Pachomious

Basil El-Dabh Basil El-Dabh