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Political parties, NGOs reject parliament’s approval of VAT

The value-added tax was approved by parliament in late August, and was…

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Global condemnation continues to surround Malek Adly’s imprisonment

The lawyer was arrested in early May on charges of spreading false…

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Egypt condemns terrorist attack in Turkey

Foreign Ministry calls for a “stern and clear” international stand

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Counter measures to threats should respect rights, rule of law: Rights groups

Extensive analysis and reactions by different groups continue amid tense political climate…

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Egypt condemns Turkey’s ‘unacceptable interference’ in judicial affairs

“Operation Room” sentences “will not contribute to lasting social peace and stability”,…

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International, local entities condemn activists’ prison sentences

US administration calls on Egypt to review protest law and related verdicts

Mahmoud Mostafa Mahmoud Mostafa

Egypt condemns ‘terrorist’ attacks in Kenya, DRC

Both attacks have left dozens dead

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NGOs demand government to stop fight against civil society

A coalition of NGOs hand Prime Minister Mehleb memo with their position…

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Egyptian ceasefire initiative includes no conditions for either party: Al-Sisi

Internationally backed Egyptian proposal was rejected by Hamas, Gaza Strip’s governing body

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Murder of Palestinian teen, Abu Khudeir, condemned

HRW describes Israeli military actions in the West Bank following the kidnap…

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