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Future of Egypt’s automotive market is uncertain: merchants

50% decline in sales over the past three months, says Magdy

Ahmed Dawoud Ahmed Dawoud

Mercedes now largest premium carmaker?

German carmaker Daimler has shifted into higher gear in the past months

Deutsche Welle Deutsche Welle

European side did not object to automotive industry strategy: Bayoumi

The agreement allows both parties to impose an internal tax on all

Ahmed Amer Ahmed Amer

Car prices set records a month after flotation

Price increases swept across the automotive industry in November, with 162 models

Ahmed Amer Ahmed Amer

US dollar exchange rate at customs confuses car imports

20-30% anticipated price increase; I demand that customs fix the dollar price

Ahmed Amer Ahmed Amer

Customs on imported cars increase by 66% after flotation

Customs charges on imported cars increased by 66% on Friday following the

Ahmed Amer Ahmed Amer

Car market has no spare parts

70% deficiency in the market; spare parts for Korean, Chinese, Japanese, European

Ahmed Amer Ahmed Amer

GB Auto acquires 96% of Chinese-made car sales

Ghabbour Auto was able to acquire 96% of the Chinese car market

Daily News Egypt Daily News Egypt

30% increase in car battery prices over 3 months

The demand on local brands is sharply increasing, followed by Saudi and

Ahmed Eid Ahmed Eid