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Boris Johnson to face court on Brexit campaign comments

The frontrunner to become Britain’s next prime minister must face court questions about his Brexit claims pertaining to the costs of membership of the EU. The case is a private one, brought by a businessman.Boris Johnson, a top contender to become Britain's next prime minister, will be summoned to court to answer questions about allegations …

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EU's Juncker warns of no-deal Brexit amid uncertainty

In the wake of a six-month extension, the European Commission chief called on the UK to “make use of this time.” He also tasked Germany with increasing its spending to “boost investment.”Despite a six-month extension on Brexit, the UK still runs the risk of leaving the European Union without a deal, European Commission President Jean-Claude …

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'No-deal Brexit would poison EU-UK relations for generations'

The consequences of a no-deal Brexit would be much worse for Europe than for the UK, argues British historian Timothy Garton Ash in an exclusive interview with DW.DW: You've compared Brexit to a soap opera. But is it really just a soap opera, or a serious threat to the continent of Europe? Timothy Garton Ash: …

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China could be big winner in no-deal Brexit

A no-deal Brexit would hit the EU and developing countries, but bring big gains for China and the US, a new report says. Unwinding economic integration is not only complex, but doing so is a bad idea, its author says.New UNCTAD research shows that the UK and its future trading partners need to think fast …

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Should non-EU citizens be worried about a hard Brexit?

The potential impact of a no-deal Brexit is very hard to predict with any degree of certainty. But as the clock ticks down, we look into how a hard Brexit might affect non-EU nationals.Uncertainty over the outcome of Brexit prevails across the board — from EU nationals living in the UK to UK nationals living …

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No-deal Brexit 'almost inevitable' — the view from Europe

The deadline for the UK to present the European Union with a new proposal for its exit from the bloc or crash out without a deal is fast approaching. A top EU official has warned that Britain is “facing the abyss.”After the UK Parliament once againrejected alternative options to Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal, …

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Brexit: Major rally in London for second People's Vote

Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the UK are gathering in London for a rally calling for a second referendum on Brexit. It comes as the third parliamentary vote on the Brexit appears uncertain next week.Saturday's second rally calling for a revote on the Brexit deal was expected to draw even more people …

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Brexit to cost billions in income losses across Europe

A new study shows that the British and the Germans would be the worst hit with total annual losses of up to €67 billion. People in the US and China could actually see a rise in incomes after Britain’s exit from the EU.Brexit — soft or hard — is expected to cost Europeans billions of …

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Brexit: Small English island reflects UK's island mentality

Canvey is an island within an island; an 18 square kilometer (7 square mile) chunk of land off England’s eastern coast. More than 70 percent in this area voted to leave. Morgan Meaker reports."It's nice," says Robert who has lived on Canvey Island for almost three years. "Everyone is friendly." Early on a Saturday morning, …

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Brexit: UK Parliament rejects Theresa May's deal in second major defeat

The United Kingdom is in the political wilderness after lawmakers resoundingly rejected Theresa May’s revised Brexit deal. The prime minister has only weeks to stop the UK from crashing out of the bloc without a deal.British lawmakers on Tuesday handed a second major blow to Prime Minister Theresa May's withdrawal agreement with the European Union, …

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Brexit sees financial firms fleeing Britain to the EU

Amid uncertainty over a “no-deal” Brexit, a report shows banking and finance firms are moving more assets and staff from Britain to the EU than previously thought. Dublin and Frankfurt are among the top destinations.A report released by a London think tank on Monday said that 275 financial firms are in the process of transferring …

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Brexit: Theresa May delays 'meaningful vote' on deal

Prime Minister Theresa May has delayed a lawmakers’ vote on Brexit to just over two weeks before Britain’s planned EU exit. The opposition Labour Party has hinted it is moving in the “direction” of a new referendum.British Prime Minister Theresa May told the British media on Sunday that a vote on her Brexit deal would …

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Honda closure adds to UK's Brexit gloom

Japanese car giant Honda has announced it will close of its only car plant in Britain in 2021. Several carmakers have announced plans to trim UK operations, with concerns that a no-deal Brexit could disrupt supply lines.Honda will shutter its operations in southwestern England in 2021, the Japanese carmaker announced Tuesday. The move adds to …

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