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Meet the new PM

Presidency confirms Mehleb as new PM

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Mansoura bomb death toll rises, one suspect arrested

The cabinet held a meeting on Wednesday to discuss the repercussions of…

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The government’s performance and Egyptians’ living standards: Poll

20% of Egyptians rate the performance of El-Beblawi's government as good, while…

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Mourning mixed with criticism of government in reactions to Dahshour train crash

Railway crossing workers detained for four days, El-Beblawi says "it's not the…

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Roadmaps and roadblocks: Egypt’s political transition

Interim government lays out transitional roadmap, 50-member ConstituentAssembly amending 2012 constitution, but…

Rana Muhammad Taha Rana Muhammad Taha

Cabinet gives security forces right to enter university campuses

University presidents will have the right to request the entry of police…

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Egypt expects more Gulf Aid following package with UAE: El-Beblawi

The UAE announced through its official news agency WAM on Saturday the…

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‘Societal dialogue’ will discuss draft protest law: National Defence Council

Prime Minister El-Beblawi says he is " ready for dialogue”; law continues…

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Minimum income deemed “unjust”

Arguments arise over whether or not the new minimum income announced for…

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Committee to Protect the Democratic Path to hold first meeting

The committee will be responsible for executing Bahaa El-Din's initiative

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