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Korean Embassy invites first Egyptian basketball player playing for a Korean professional team

The first Egyptian player to set foot on Korean basketball arenas will…

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Saudi Arabia’s small cities see sports boom ahead of 1st Basketball tournament for women

GCC country to hold first Basketball tournament for Saudi women in late…

Sarah El-Sheikh Sarah El-Sheikh

Basketball in Egypt moves towards investment

Egyptian Basketball Federation plans to establish joint-stock company for sports investment: Board…

Abdulrahman Al-Shuweikh Abdulrahman Al-Shuweikh

ANRPC wins 1st place in Companies National Basketball Championship

Hassanein stressed the team's commitment and great effort during the tournament to…

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When sports challenge belonging to a homeland

Egyptian Karim Abou Qoura saddest for Bahrain’s loss against Egypt

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Top 10 most popular sports in the United States 

Despite the fact that soccer is by far the most popular sport…

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For the first time in Africa, Egypt hosts U19 Basketball World Cup

Saturday witnessed the Egyptian team’s first winning game after its intense training…

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The draw of the 2017 Basketball World Cup

Egypt placed in the second group with Germany, Puerto Rico, and Lithuania

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Egypt wins 22 Emirates Airlines Basketball Championship

On Sunday, Egypt won the 22nd Emirates Airlines Basketball Championship for Arab…

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