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Security officials stop Baher Mohamed at Cairo International Airport

Mohamed was detained in December 2013 along with two other Al Jazeera…

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Presidential pardon for Al Jazeera journalists, activists

Al-Sisi instructs release of 100 youth, including journalists Mohamed Fahmy and Baher…

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Cairo Criminal Court releases reasoning behind Al Jazeera trial verdict

Qatar created special channel to work on toppling Egyptian regime, says Cairo…

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High-profile figures to push for Fahmy’s deportation, others hope for presidential pardon

Al Jazeera trial verdicts raise more concerns on press freedom and journalists’…

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In Pictures: Anger, grief on surprise verdict handed to Al Jazeera journalists

The courtroom erupted in shock and grief as the Cairo Criminal Court…

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Al Jazeera journalists return to jail in shock verdict

Journalists and students receive three years, two students acquitted

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Al Jazeera re-trial further postponed to 29 August

Disappointed Mohamed says he wanted this over with, Al Jazeera manager calls…

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UPDATE: Al-Jazeera re-trial case adjourned to 2 August

Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohamed expected court verdict

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‘Will justice be served this Thursday?’ (1):Journalists

‘I am a realist who understands that the outcome of this trial…

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Verdict to be delivered on Al Jazeera retrial in July

Case also involves students, including Sohaib Al-Haddad who was forcibly disappeared with…

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