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Egypt supports political dialogue in Yemen, warns of infiltration by militants

Egypt supports the new Saudi secretary general of the OIC, saying he…

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Syrian opposition presents post-Assad plan, fighting displaces 100,000

Britain's Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has endorsed a plan put forward by…

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Syrian army extends truce, but fighting rages on

The Syrian army has extended a nationwide ceasefire for three days as…

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Syria’s Assad appoints new prime minister

The embattled Syrian president has tasked one of his ministers to form…

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Syria rebels threaten to disrupt truce if Assad’s forces continue fighting

Militant groups in Syria have refused to abide by the truce unless…

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Saudi Arabia, Turkey to boost ties with ‘strategic cooperation council’

A new joint council between Turkey and Saudi Arabia is expected to…

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Assad: UK airstrikes in Syria doomed to fail

Britain's bombing campaign against extremists in Syria is "illegal" and will only…

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‘Islamic State’ is a problem; Assad is a bigger problem

Syria's president has tried harder than ever to recommend himself as a…

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Putin’s anti-‘Islamic State’ coalition dilemma

The downing of a Russian bomber leaves Putin with some tough decisions.…

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Vienna talks basis for discussion between Shoukry and Syrian opposition delegation

Syrian opposition delegation affirmed their keenness on reaching a political solution

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