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Arabs in AFCON: many appearances with little achievements

CAF Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) is one of the largest continental competitions awaited by football fans from the moment its last match ends to the moment the new championship starts. AFCON is organised by the CAF every two years to determine the continent’s champion. It is ranked third in the world after the FIFA …

Daily News Egypt

The Arabs between Davos and Afrin

On January 20 2018, Turkish forces invaded Syrian territories in a military operation dubbed Olive Branch. The aim has been to clear Afrin from Kurdish “terrorists”—and Ankara vowed to continue its drive inside Syria to the Iraqi-Syrian borders to the east, to drive out all the Kurds from this vast stretch of territory. In so …

Hussein Haridi

Will Saudi Arabia invest $100bn in Egypt?

There will be no Arab renaissance without Saudi Arabia, and no such thing as Arabs without Egypt. Without Egypt, which is the wedge that prevents the collapse of Arab countries, many Arab countries would return to a state of tribalism, rivalry and warring clans. Without Saudi Arabia, which the leveraging force of the Arab region, …

Arabs’ sexual harassment in Germany and its effect on Merkel’s plans

The sexual harassment incident in Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Eve resulted in massive shock in the European community. About 1,000 immigrants of Arab origins gathered to practice mass harassment, which has become widely commonplace in Arab and Islamic countries. They separated the women in circles, with a detailed plan to isolate them so they could harass …

Hala Kindelberger

Europe and those Arabs (5 of 5): The EU as a post-colonialist bank

Some of us might consider the acquittal of Mubarak, the failure of state-building in Libya, the civil war in Syria, the sectarian war in Yemen, or the international silence and approval of crushing protesters in Bahrain the death of the so-called Arab Spring. We might also say Lucky Tunisia, the only survivor of such a …

Maher Hamoud

Notes from America: The man with big ideas

By Ahmed Tharwat Thomas Friedman, New York Times foreign affairs columnist, winner of three Pulitzer prizes, writer of several bestselling books, is a man known for his big ideas. Friedman never ceases to amaze us with a new ‘big idea’ every now and then, from the bizarre to the ridiculous. For example, Friedman created the …

Daily News Egypt

United States: A tale of morals and cruelty

By Mohammed Nosseir There is no doubt that the United States of America is by far the most controversial nation among Arabs. Consecutive US Administrations have somehow managed to cultivate an intense love-hate relationship with millions of Arabs. The valid question ‘Why do they hate us?’, raised in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, can …

Daily News Egypt

Maher Hamoud

Europe and those Arabs (3): Migrating for a lonely death

In 2007, mid-production of a documentary film of mine called Back in a Coffin discussing the phenomenon of illegal migration from Egypt to Italy on what is tragically called death boats, I learned about real human beings, not just a media exaggeration to sell a story to the public. In a village called Tatoon in …

Maher Hamoud

South Sudan government, rebels halt peace talks

AFP – South Sudan’s government and rebels are taking a more than two-week break from key peace talks having seemingly made little to no progress in three weeks, mediators said Tuesday. The IGAD regional bloc, which is brokering the peace talks being held in Ethiopia, said both sides were halting the talks until 20 March …

Daily News Egypt

Boston and the Arab World: Where the Bombs Begin

By Jonathan Moremi When I saw the second plane fly into the World Trade Center on 11 September 2001 – there was shock on my face and horror. Not, because this happened to the US, but because I knew that this happened to humans. The single mother battling hard with her two children after her …

Daily News Egypt

Editor’s letter: Worshipping and whipping on Nasser’s birth anniversary

Two days ago was the 95th anniversary of President Gamal Abdel Nasser’s birth (1918 – 1970). The man who said, “He who cannot support himself, cannot make his own decision,” in his historical attempt to grant Egypt complete independence in its decision making. At any occasion, or even without an occasion, lovers and worshippers of …

Maher Hamoud

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