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What would an ancient Egyptian corpse have smelled like? Pine, balsam and bitumen – if you were nobility

In tomb KV42, Carter found the remains of a ancient Egyptian noblewoman

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Egypt retrieves stolen Ancient Egyptian Bastet statue from Canada

Artefact’s recovery was result of joint efforts and close cooperation between two

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Luxor Museum of Ancient Egyptian Art celebrates 45th anniversary

Celebrating its anniversary, the Museum held a temporary exhibition in coordination with

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Google ‘translate’ ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs

New machine learning tool to decode Egyptian hieroglyphs in Arabic, English

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Unique late Ancient Egyptian cemetery discovered in Minya Governorate

Site of ancient Oxyrhynchus has produced 70% of literary papyri so far

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New York returns looted priest’s golden coffin to Egypt

The Gold Coffin of Nedjemankh was stolen from the Minya region of

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Ancient Egyptian tomb filled with mummies unearthed in Aswan

Out of expected 300 tombs in area, Egyptian archaeologists found 25 tombs

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Egypt retrieves ancient Egyptian gilded coffin smuggled in 2011

Relic retrieved from Metropolitan Museum after investigation

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Ancient Egyptian secret roots of Yoga

Celebrating rebirth of Nile heritage on Dahabeya

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