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China Concludes 40th Antarctic Expedition, Deepens Atmospheric Research

Qingdao, Shandong Province - China's 40th Antarctic expedition, marked by the return of the…


Elevated blood sugar levels at gestational diabetes onset may pose risks to mothers, infants

Research presented at the 26th European Congress of Endocrinology in Stockholm has…

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Chimps learn and improve tool-using skills even as adults

Humans can continue learning throughout their entire lifespan. It has been hypothesized…

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Russian Young Chemists Shine at International Mendeleev Olympiad in China

The joint Russian-Chinese University MSU-BIT in Shenzhen has announced the results of…


Ancient Microorganism Fossil Unearthed in Brazil Sheds Light on Early Life

In a significant discovery, Brazilian researchers have unearthed fossilized remains of a…


Russian Scientists Develop New Weapon Against Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

Russian scientists have developed a new medicine designed to combat a growing…

Mohamed Samir Mohamed Samir

Strategic reductions: Balancing CO2 cuts with economic stability

Complexity Science Hub advises on achieving 20% reduction in CO2 emissions with…

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Namibia concerned about surge in rhinoceros poaching

Namibia's Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism on Monday expressed deep concern…

Xinhua Xinhua

Twin stars unveil planet-consuming behaviors

Evidence of planetary ingestion found in stellar twins

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Overlooked Blue Carbon superstars: Untapped potential of alternative tidal wetlands

Blue Carbon initiatives have been on the rise worldwide, yet the demand…

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