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Coexistence with COVID-19 revives Egypt’s car market

More people will buy cars to avoid possible infection in public transport

Zamzam Mostafa Zamzam Mostafa

Used car consumers remain cautious due to ongoing economic uncertainties

Used car sector dealers generally positive despite global pandemic

Zamzam Mostafa Zamzam Mostafa

Egypt’s vehicle inventory starts moving as licensing resumes

Local assembly does not face global supply chains disruption problems

Yara El-ganiny Yara El-ganiny

Local auto sector slowly recovers as vehicle licensing resumes

The pandemic has stymied the global automotive sector, causing disruption to production

Yara El-ganiny Yara El-ganiny

Preliminary contract remedy for commercial transaction affected by notary’s offices closures

To protect rights of sellers, date of contract should be written down

Zamzam Mostafa Zamzam Mostafa

Automotive feeding industries to face troubled situation due to Covid-19 fallout

Several factories funnel their production to domestic spare parts market, says Tradeco’s

Mohamed Al-Roubi Mohamed Al-Roubi

CBE imposes restrictions on cash transactions, penalty on contravening car dealers

The CBE has set a daily limit for cash deposits and withdrawals

Yara El-ganiny Yara El-ganiny

Fiat’s endeavor to establish additional showrooms & after sales service centers

Labib stressed the need to provide the infrastructure for electric vehicles before

Zamzam Mostafa Zamzam Mostafa

Fiat Chrysler opens more showrooms, service centres soon

By giving several incentives that incentivises car manufacture -most notably the abolition

Zamzam Mostafa Zamzam Mostafa