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Methodical slaughter of ethnic Amhara in Ethiopia continues

The OLA accused government forces of conducting the massacre and called for…

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Ethiopia’s garment of religion is the best cloak for power and oppression

Since the Oromo protests that lasted from 2014 to 2018, Ethiopia rapidly…

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Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed faces fresh discord as ex-allies revolt

Ethiopian civilians and children are only losers of conflicts between heinous parties…

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Biden feigns hard-line approach to Beijing, White House engages in damage control

On his first tour of Asia as US president, Biden declared that…

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Coptic Orthodox Church Peacemakers Committee, Islamic Research Academy organize a symposium on citizenship

The Peacemakers Committee of the Coptic Orthodox Church organized a symposium on…

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Crime, racism, manipulation in British Cold War media protocols

This was all revealed in newly declassified British government documents detailing hundreds…

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