Prime Minister Madbouly inspects development projects in Historic Cairo

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Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly embarked on an inspection tour of several projects underway in the Historic Cairo area, beginning with the Fustat Hills Park project. This visit is part of the ongoing monitoring of the project’s progress.

The Prime Minister emphasized that this tour aims to assess various projects in Historic Cairo, marking the first such tour since the announcement of the new ministerial formation. The focus is on advancing the Fustat Hills Park development, which includes creating extensive green spaces, establishing public gardens, and enhancing tourist attractions. These efforts align with the government’s goal of boosting tourism in Egypt.

Minister of Housing, Utilities, and Urban Communities, Sherif El-Sherbiny, highlighted that the Fustat Hills Park project is a major initiative led by the ministry. Situated in the heart of Historic Cairo, the project is executed by the Central Agency for Reconstruction through the Greater Cairo Reconstruction Agency, with funding from the Urban Development Fund.

El-Sherbiny explained that Fustat Hills Park covers approximately 500 acres, making it one of the largest parks in the Middle East. Previously a waste dump, its development contributes to revitalizing Historic Cairo, providing recreational spaces for citizens, and increasing green areas accessible to the public.

The Prime Minister continued his inspection tour of the Fustat Hills Park project, closely monitoring its current status. He reiterated the project’s significance, noting that the hilltops offer breathtaking views of Historic Cairo’s landmarks.

Madbouly emphasized that the current phase will promptly see the launch of operations for certain project components, generating returns to support project completion. The investment area is ready for various components, including restaurants.

Furthermore, following discussions with civil society organizations, media, parliament members, the senate, and research centres, the government prioritized accelerating the implementation of the Presidential initiative “100 Million Trees.” Directives have been issued to all governors to increase green spaces.

The government aims to expedite the 100 Million Trees initiative through a comprehensive agricultural plan, considering aesthetics. This plan involves selecting tree types, and implementing, monitoring, and maintaining greenery at the governorate and urban community levels. Collaboration with civil society organizations, the private sector, and research centres ensures full participation in these efforts.

The Minister of Housing reaffirmed the project’s priority status for accelerated implementation.

Meanwhile, Khaled Sadek, Chairperson of the Urban Development Fund, detailed that the Fustat Hills Park project comprises eight zones with 14 gates, including contemporary, historical, and garden gates. The project design emphasizes green areas and celebrates Egyptian heritage across various eras: Pharaonic, Coptic, Islamic, and modern. It aims to promote religious and cultural tourism while addressing climate change and environmental protection.

Sadek noted that the cultural area of the park, located opposite the main gate on Salah Salem Road, is a distinctive zone featuring a main axis leading to the Civilization Museum. Surrounding it are squares hosting cultural activities, restaurants, and other services. Throughout the year, celebrations are planned in this area, which encompasses the main gate, 4 restaurants and cafes covering an area of 216 sqm, three fountains, and infrastructure and landscaping over 26,864 sqm.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister inspected the Azbakeya Park revitalization project as part of Khedivial Cairo Development. The project covers an area of 9.8 feddans and is part of the broader Khedivial Cairo development initiative. The development of Azbakeya Park is 93% complete, with only the book kiosks, the fencing club, and the historical fountain still in progress. The administrative building, the restaurant, the Roman theatre, and the lake have been fully completed. Work is ongoing to finish the gates, the water and fire tanks, the pergolas, the fences, and the landscaping.

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