US Ambassador celebrates strong bonds between America, Egypt at Independence Day event

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The US Embassy in Cairo hosted a celebration at the American University in Cairo to mark the 248th anniversary of American independence. The event brought together Egyptian government officials, diplomatic representatives, and business leaders.

In her address, the US Ambassador to Egypt, Herro Mustafa Garg, underscored the enduring partnership between the United States and Egypt. “This is my first Independence Day celebration as US Ambassador to Egypt,” Garg stated.

“Independence Day holds a special significance for me and all Americans. It embodies the values our nation stands for – as articulated in our Declaration of Independence: ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’”

Garg, who fled Kurdistan, Iraq, drew parallels between her journey and the experiences of other displaced individuals in the region. “While I don’t equate my own experiences with those of Gazans and Sudanese, I empathize with the pain and fear that arise from war and displacement,” she affirmed. “I am grateful to my parents every day for choosing to bring me and my siblings to the United States.”

The Ambassador emphasized that everyone should have the freedom and dignity to pursue their aspirations.

“We recognize that achieving peace in the Middle East requires strong regional partnerships. Egypt has consistently been an indispensable ally in our efforts to create a more stable and prosperous region. From Gaza to Sudan to Libya, Egypt’s contributions to regional security and stability are remarkable, and we eagerly anticipate continuing our partnership on these critical issues,” added the US Ambassador.

Garg highlighted the multifaceted nature of the US-Egypt relationship, touching on collaboration in education, the economy, security, and environmental protection.

“Investing in people – both Egyptians and Americans working hand-in-hand – lies at the heart of our partnership,” Garg emphasized.

She noted that Americans and Egyptians collaborate daily to promote economic prosperity, enhance education, improve access to healthcare and clean water, safeguard cultural heritage, and provide English language training and job skills to thousands of young Egyptians.

“Education remains a cornerstone of our partnership. The USAID education portfolio represents a $600 million investment and is America’s largest higher education program worldwide,” she added.

The Ambassador highlighted that in the past year, the US provided scholarships to nearly 1,400 talented men and women from underserved communities to study at premier Egyptian universities, contributing to sustained economic growth and development.

“I’ve been inspired by meeting students full of dreams, and my team and I are committed to supporting those aspirations through exchange programs, scholarships, and English language training. The United States is a premier destination for higher education, and I am equally committed to facilitating more Egyptian students’ studies there, fostering mutual understanding between our two peoples. Additionally, I aim to bring more American students to Egypt, building personal experiences and bonds that strengthen our relationship,” she assured.

The Ambassador also highlighted new opportunities for “unique cultural links” through arts, music, and sports. She mentioned the recent visit of the American musical group The Beatbox House, who collaborated with popular Egyptian bands for fusion concerts.

Furthermore, the ambassador announced plans for an upcoming tour by the legendary Harlem Globetrotters, performing in Cairo on 31 May and Alexandria on 1 June.

“On the economic front, beyond our private sector partnerships represented here tonight, we continue to drive Egypt’s exceptional tourism industry,” the US Ambassador stated.

“Last year, we proudly inaugurated the new visitor centre at the Imam El-Shafi’i Mausoleum in the City of the Dead. This is part of over $100m in investments in robust partnerships to preserve iconic sites like the temples of Luxor, the Sphinx and Giza Plateau, and Bab Zuweila – destinations celebrated by millions of visitors annually,” she revealed.

The Ambassador emphasized that the Egyptian-American security partnership is built on mutual respect, trust, and cooperation. In 2023, the United States and Egypt jointly hosted the largest iteration of the biennial Bright Star exercise, involving 34 participating countries. Bright Star, the oldest multilateral military exercise in the Middle East and Africa (first held in 1980), stands as a testament to our partnership in maintaining regional stability.

Bringing these themes together, the ambassador expressed enthusiasm for joint efforts to protect the Red Sea – “perhaps the world’s most critical waterway for global trade and a vibrant ecosystem.” She referenced her recent visits to Marsa Alam and Hurghada, highlighting the potential to mitigate climate change impacts in the region.

Continuing the momentum from COP27, she commended the ongoing work by Egyptian civil society, the private sector, and the government to preserve Egypt’s ecosystem while promoting sustainable development for future generations.

In closing, the ambassador raised a toast “to the United States of America, to Egypt, and our partnership!” expressing her excitement to further strengthen this vital bilateral relationship.


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