Egyptian, Chinese transport officials discuss bilateral cooperation

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Egypt’s Minister of Transport, Kamel Al-Wazir, welcomed Fei Dongbin, China’s Deputy Minister of Transport and head of the National Railway Administration, along with leaders from railway-specialized firms, including the President of AFIC and the Vice President of CRRC.

Al-Wazir emphasized the longstanding Egyptian-Chinese partnership and their joint efforts in advancing transportation initiatives. A key project is the 105.5 km Light Electric Train (LRT), featuring 19 stations, developed by China’s AFIC in collaboration with Egyptian entities.

The LRT project’s initial phases are operational, connecting Adly station in Mansour to the Arts and Culture Station. Progress continues on the third phase, with plans for the fourth phase in development. A memorandum of understanding has also been signed to extend the LRT from Al-Rehab to the Administrative Capital, supported by the National Authority for Tunnels and AFIC Intel Company.

Fei Dongbin expressed appreciation for Egypt’s transport sector progress, noting the comprehensive 10,000 km railway network and the development of a 2,000 km high-speed electric train system.

The meeting focused on future cooperation prospects, with Al-Wazir proposing the establishment of a local transport manufacturing hub in Egypt to produce tractors, railways, metro, and LRT cars for domestic needs and export. Fei Dongbin endorsed this initiative, highlighting its potential for strengthening cooperation.

Additionally, Fei Dongbin suggested Chinese investment in managing and operating Egyptian railway lines and emphasized the importance of training Egyptian personnel in Chinese educational institutions. Both parties agreed on the value of these initiatives for enhancing bilateral relations and committed to accelerating discussions to finalize future cooperation in the railway sector.


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